The Competitions


The GEM Trophy is awarded for the highest total in the A1 section.
The Photo-Kine Cup is awarded for the highest total in A section.
The Royce Cup is awarded for the highest total in the B section.
  • To maintain an equitable standard of competition, members will, as far as possible, be divided into 3 groups designated A1, A and B sections according to proven abiliity. New members to the Club may ask or be asked to produce a folio of their work in either projected or print form to assess their ability for the more advanced group. Classes A1/A will be run using a promotion relegation system.
  • Marking for each Sections competition will be as follows: 1 mark for each image entered. The judge selects the top 6 images and awards 6 marks for first place down to 1 mark for 6th place, but, only the highest scoring image per member is added to the aggregate. There are no other marks awarded under this scheme which is designed to cut down on the judges]
  • There are four sections to the competition which are spread over the season. At least two sections will be 'Open'. Themed competitions may form part of the Sections competitions - see themed competitions.

There are 2 print and 2 DPI competitions, sometimes they are themed and sometimes open.

Section 1
DPI "Open"competition. The maximum number of images is 3

Section 2
This is a PRINT compeition. The theme this season (2018/2019) is 'GOLD'. The maximum number of images is 3

Section 3
Print Competition with an open theme. The maximum number of images is 3

Section 4
DPI competition with an open theme. The maximum number of images is 3


Jessops Shield
Print competition. A panel of 5 images taken by a minimum of 2 or more photographers working together. Open theme.

James Wilson Trophy
DPI competition with the theme of 'MONOCHROME'. The maximum number of images is 3

Punt Cup
This is an 'Open' print competition for the best Triptych. That is 3 images on a theme of your choice. All images must be mounted together ON THE SAME BOARD. Please note that the board size should not exceed 50cm X 40cm. The maximum number of entries is 2 per person (if there are a lot of entries the 2nd Triptych will be dropped).

Sleep Trophy
DPI competition. This competition requires a set of 3 images from different categories, subject or class of photography. This season (2018/2019) the categories is "Devon"
A maximum of 2 sets per person. Please include a 4th JPEG image for each set entered showing the three images submitted, i.e. a composite of the 3 images

Mason Trophy
Audio Visual Competition. Maximum no of entries is 2 per person. See the section on AV's.

Dyment and Poulson Trophies
Print and DPI of the year competitions. Images must have been taken within 15 months of the competition date. Any image submitted is exempt from the "ineligible" rule and may have been used in other competitions in the current season. The same image cannot be entered in both the Dyment Trophy and Poulson Cup. The maximum number of entries is 3 in total, ( no more than 2 in any category i.e. 1 print & 2dpi's or vice versa)


The Knight Shield
This Trophy is awarded to the club member who is considered as giving the greatest service to the club during the season.

Members Print Exhibitions
The Club will, from time to time, hold a Print Exhibition of members work that has been approved by the Committee, to advance the work of the club and for the benefit of its members. It is also a useful advert for potential new members to the Club.