Audio-Visual Competitions

The Mason Trophy is awarded for the best judged Audio-Visual Sequence. The competition is open to all members.
AV competition guidelines
  • Commentary and/or music can be used subject to holding an appropriate music copyright licence.
  • You must own the copyright of every element of the images.
  • Digital entries should be in the form of an executable file (EXE), Windows media player and Quicktime are commonly used.
  • AV entries should be sent to using WeTransfer.
  • Maximum file size 2gb. You will get an email acknowledgement when it has been read.
  • Entries should not exceed 7 minutes duration. Less than 5 minutes would be the optimum length.
  • Joint entries will be accepted up to 15 minute duration but only one nominated member can be awarded the trophy.
  • Members may enter up to two sequences but, if there are too many entries in the competition only one sequence will be judged.
  • If two sequences are entered, only the highest scoring sequence will count.
  • Entries are ineligible for future submissions in the Mason Trophy except in modified form.
  • Single images can be used in any other trophy competition.
  • A Pass will be awarded to any sequence gaining 75 marks or above; a Credit to 80 and above; a Distinction to 85 and above.
  • The top two entries will be chosen to represent the Club in the annual WCPF AV competition.