Sections Results

The results for the 2017/2018 Season Sections Competitions are below.
Section 1 "Open" competition
1st Mugged Julie McGowan CPAGB
2nd Hear No Evil See No Evil Speak No Evil Clive Figes ARPS
3rd Starting Up Bob Williams
4th Blurred Lines Nick Webb
5th Red Deer Scotland Julie McGowan CPAGB
6th Milarrochy Bay Russell McGowan
1st A Portrait Alex Hamer
2nd Grasshopper Dorothy Mathews
3rd Vaco De Gama Bridge Carla Bryan
4th This used to be my playground Robert Gray
5th Abstract Architecture Carla Bryan
6th Thundercat Alex Hamer
1st What's Next Cornelia Frost
2nd Lydham Manor At Waterside Eddie Bairstow
3rd Spark of Life Chris Arkell
4th Hope Chris Arkell
5th The Kiss Cornelia Frost
6th The bootleg BeeGee's Eddie Bairstow

Section 2 Print competition 'Gold '

Group A1
1st Gold Girl Clive Figes
2nd Last Glimpse of Gold Nick Webb
3rd Sunset over Plymouth Julie McGowan
4th All That Glitters Julie McGowan
5th The Real Thing Julia Rich
6th Grand Foyer Paris Opera Clive Figes
H/C Golden Reflection Stuart Chapman
Group A
1st Treasure Robert Gray
2nd Golden Years Robert Gray
3rd New Gold Dream Robert Gray
4th The Orient Train Station Carla Bryan
5th Back to the Golden Age Carla Bryan
6th Morning Chiaroscuro-Torquay Harbour Alex Hamer
H/C Turning from Green to Gold Alex Hamer
Group B
1st Autumn Gold - Cornelia Frost
2nd Golden Eyes - Katie Davies
3rd Sunflower - Maggie Douglas Dunbar
4th The Fallen - Cornelia Frost
5th Sun Worshipping Maggie Douglas Dunbar
6th The Kiss of Death - Katie Davies
Section 3 DPI competition, Open theme
Group A1
1st Julie McGowan, Broken
2nd Clive Figes, Chelsea
3rd Clive Figes, Lady in Armour
4thRace is On, Stuart Chapman
5th Clive Figes, Unicorn Girl
6th Steve Carne, It came from Below
HC Mike Hales, Lion in the Morning
HC Steve Carne, This Crooked World
HC Julie McGowan, High Jinx
HC Steve Carne, Taste Explosion
Group A
1st Dorothy Mathews, Ruby Tailed Wasp
2nd Dorothy Mathews, Red Legged Shieldbug
3rd Tony Mathews, Three of a Kind
4th Alex Hamer, Thundercat 41
5th Tony Mathews, Hoverfly
6th Carla Bryan, Stop, Stop, Stop!!
HC Tony Mathews, Bumblebee with Mites
HC Dave Smithson, Chestnut Seller
HC Alex Hamer, Emma
B group
1st Dave Collerton, The Eyes Have it
2nd Chris Arkell, Tools
3rd Chris Frost, Rustic Delivery Service
4th Robbie Clymo, Eden Falls
5th Eddie Bairstow, Walking The Dog
6th Chris Frost, Bollywood Limousines

Section 4 Print competition

Section A results are as follows
1. Olivia - Alex Hamer
2. Rosie - Alex Hamer
3. Red - Alex Hamer
4. My Hero - Rob Gray
5. Bristol Motors - Carla Bryan
6. The Fiddler - Rob Gray
Section A1 results are as follows
1. Flight Over Seahouses - Julie McGowan
2. Sarah - Clive Figes
3. Westbound - Nick Webb
4. Puffin Coming into Land - Julie Mcgowan
5. Night Train - Stuart Chapman
6. Watching Over You - Nick Webb
Plus Highly Commended
HC. Racing in the Kyles - Russell McGowan
HC. Rachel - Clive Figes
HC. Magpie Mine - Stuart Chapman
HC. Don't Mess With Us - Nick Webb