Sections Results

The results for the 2017/2018 Season Sections Competitions are below.
Section 1 "Open" competition
1st Mugged Julie McGowan CPAGB
2nd Hear No Evil See No Evil Speak No Evil Clive Figes ARPS
3rd Starting Up Bob Williams
4th Blurred Lines Nick Webb
5th Red Deer Scotland Julie McGowan CPAGB
6th Milarrochy Bay Russell McGowan
1st A Portrait Alex Hamer
2nd Grasshopper Dorothy Mathews
3rd Vaco De Gama Bridge Carla Bryan
4th This used to be my playground Robert Gray
5th Abstract Architecture Carla Bryan
6th Thundercat Alex Hamer
1st What's Next Cornelia Frost
2nd Lydham Manor At Waterside Eddie Bairstow
3rd Spark of Life Chris Arkell
4th Hope Chris Arkell
5th The Kiss Cornelia Frost
6th The bootleg BeeGee's Eddie Bairstow

Section 2 Print competition 'Gold '
Group A1
1st Julia Rich 'Sinuosity'
2nd Bob Williams 'Triple tipple'
3rd Steve Carne 'A shot glass'
4th Julie McGowan 'Through the glass'
5th Russell McGowan 'View from Mt.Stuart'
6th Bob Williams 'Three did accidentally fall'
Group A
1st Peter Clarke 'Glass Spire'
2nd Sharron Godfrey 'Cocktail hour'
3rd Angie Cottis 'Glass buildings'
4th Mary Caffrey 'Paperweight'
5th Peter Carke 'Broken Glass'
6th Angie Cottis 'Glass steps and reflections'
Group B
1st Alex Hamer 'Lemon Splash'
2nd C J Ware 'Window of Life'
3rd C J Ware 'Through blue tinted glasses'
Section 3 Print competition, Open theme
Group A1
1st Stuart Chapman 'Fence Line'
2nd Clive Figes 'Crossing the Bridge'
3rd Russell McGowan 'The Glum Family'
4th Julie McGowan 'Red Splash'
5th Margaret Ewer 'Salt Cellar Lighthouses'
6th Clive Figes 'Carmen'
Group A
1st Nick Webb 'Contemplation (The Trans Atlantic Rowers)'
2nd Nick Webb 'Mezmirizing'
3rd Peter Clarke 'Bubbles'
4th Mike Bond 'Stones at St. Just'
5th Mike Hales 'Resting on a Termite Mound'
6th Mike Bond 'French Farm House'
B group
1st Alex Hamer 'From Day to Night'
2nd Alex 'Mnesmosyne'
3rd Alex 'The Grotto'
4th Carla Bryan 'Look into my Eyes'
5th Rob Gray 'Looking for Trouble'
6th Rob Gray 'Flamenco'

Section 4 DPI competition
Section A1
1.Clive Figes - Lucy reading
2.Bob Williams - Mind that Kerb!
3. Willie Wilson - Water Cubed
4. Bob Williams - The Guardian Wistmans wood
5. Clive Figes - Maria
6. Julie McGowan - Bicycle Belles
Section A
1. Mike Hales - Power of the sea
2. Nick Webb - No creek with two paddles
3. Mike Hales - Skeleton Coast
4. Ruth Elliot - Santorini Oia
5. Gill Postlethwaite - Danny
6. Nick Webb - Pot Holing
Section B
1. Rob Gray - Slightest Touch
2. Alex Hamer - The model & her assistant
3. Dorothy Mathews -Through the Window
4. Tony Matthews - Mandarin duck
5. Rob Gray - Absent friends
6. Tony Mathews - Migrant Hawker