Trophy Results

The results of the 2017/2018 Trophy Competitions are detailed below.
JESSOPS TROPHY (a panel of five images)
1st Jet ski's - Stuart Chapman, Mike Bond, Nick Webb, Alex Hamer
2nd Damsels and Dragons - Steve Carne and Willie Wilson
3rd Bristol Balloon Show - Stuart Chapman and Alex Hamer
H/C Stars at Night - Stuart Chapman and Alex Hamer
H/C Blooming Marvellous - Ross Elliott and Ruth Elliott

JAMES WILSON (Monochrome)

1.Bryan, Carla - The Stare
2.Figes, Clive ARPS ASWPP ABPPA AISNW - Can't Reach Mummy
3.Webb, Nick - Fresh Cut
4.Chapman, Stuart ARPS - Ready For Work
5.Bray-Pullin, Janet - Branching Out In Bruges.
6.McGowan, Russell - Lone Tree

PUNT CUP (Triptych)

1st Cool Seas - Alex Hamer
2nd Boris & Fudge -Clive Figes
3rd Three of a Kind - Rob Gray
4th TS Royalist - Bob Williams
5th Stripes and check - Ruth Elliot
6th Smoke Trails - John Jeffrey
H/Com Freestyle Frenzy - Alex Hamer
Com Rocks at Torcross - Keith Griffin

SLEEP TROPHY (DPI's: 3 different categories
The categories for this season are : Devon

1.Steve Carne - Beere etc
2.Steve Carne - Winter
3.Alex Hamer - Devon Heritage
4.Stuart Chapman - Dartmoor
5.Bob Williams - Dartmoor Walks
6.Stuart Chapman - BMAD
7.HC to Chris Arkell and Russell McGowan

POULSON CUP (Print of the Year)
1st Julie McGowan 'Japanese Macaque Charging'
2nd Julie McGowan 'Belle Apoque'
3rd Stuart Chapman 'Fence Line'
H/C Alex Hamer 'Mnemosyne'
H/C Sharron Godfrey 'Cocktail Hour'
H/C Nick Webb 'Contemplation (Trans Atlantic Rowers)'
H/C Russell McGowan 'The Glum Family'

DYMENT TROPHY (DPI of the year)
1st Clive Figes 'Love'
2nd Mike Bond 'Red Arrows'
3rd Willie Wilson 'Blue Eyes and Lips'
H/C Peter Clarke 'Guggenheim Museum'
H/C Stuart Chapman 'Snowdonia'
H/C Russell McGowan 'Approaching Storm'
H/C Russell McGowan 'Winter Sunrise, Glencoe'
H/C Mike Bond 'Predannick Air Field'