Trophy Results

The results of the 2017/2018 Trophy Competitions are detailed below.
JESSOPS TROPHY (a panel of five images)

1st The Brexit Panel Nick Webb, Julie McGowan, Dave Collerton, Alex Hamer
2nd Book Club Angie Cottis, Julie McGowan, Chris Arkell, Russell McGowan
Joint 3rd Photographic fashion through the ages Katie Davies, Chris Arkell, Dave Collerton
Joint 3rd Speed & colour of light Willie Wilson, Steve Carne, Chris Frost, Ross Elliott

JAMES WILSON (Monochrome)

1.Bryan, Carla - The Stare
2.Figes, Clive ARPS ASWPP ABPPA AISNW - Can't Reach Mummy
3.Webb, Nick - Fresh Cut
4.Chapman, Stuart ARPS - Ready For Work
5.Bray-Pullin, Janet - Branching Out In Bruges.
6.McGowan, Russell - Lone Tree

PUNT CUP (Triptych)

1st Julia Rich Dewpoint
2nd Nick Webb Warped Speed
3rd Clive Figes Anonymity
H/C Alex Hamer Raptors
H/C Clive Figes Girls on Film
H/C Dave Collerton Ethereal
C Stuart Chapman Stop-Stop
C Julia Rich Heavy Metal
C Nick Webb Star Wars Apprentice Series

SLEEP TROPHY (DPI's: 3 different categories
The categories for this season are : Devon

1.Steve Carne - Beere etc
2.Steve Carne - Winter
3.Alex Hamer - Devon Heritage
4.Stuart Chapman - Dartmoor
5.Bob Williams - Dartmoor Walks
6.Stuart Chapman - BMAD
7.HC to Chris Arkell and Russell McGowan

POULSON CUP (Print of the Year)
1st My Hero Robert Gray
2nd Red Dragon Stuart Chapman
3rd Flight Over Seahouses Julie McGowan
4th The Pass Through Widdale Julia Rich
5th Steam Trucks Mike Bond
6th Silhouette of Stephanie Clive Figes
H/C A Portrait Alex Hamer
H/C The Chaos Theory Steve Carne
H/C Olivia Alex Hamer
H/C Cindy The Nun Clive Figes

DYMENT TROPHY (DPI of the year)
Dyment Trophy (DPI's)
1st Golden Years Robert Gray
2nd Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil Clive Figes
3rd Early Morning Portwrinkle Stuart Chapman
4th This Used to be My Playground Robert Gray
5th Stop Stop STOP! Carla Bryan
6th Bucket of Steam Find You Must Nick Webb
H/C Broken Julie McGowan
H/C Bollywood Limousines Chris Frost
H/C Plymouth Raiders Goal Margaret Ewer