Technical & AV stuff

Technical information for photography and Audio Visual. This section will contain information to help members with various aspects of their photography.
Dates for AV Group 2017-18
Keeping to the 4th Wednesday of the month format the dates starting from 2018 are:

December NO GROUP

January 23
February 27
March 27
April 24

These dates are not set in stone, it is possible that any summer dates may be cancelled due to holiday arrangements. Please check before turning up, unless you want to run your own ad-hoc meeting (you’re welcome to!).
Some meetings may become practical outdoors sessions when the weather permits. Further details on location/venue and subject matter contact Julia Rich or a committee member for further details


New Photo entry system guidance
How to use Photo entry

How to create a photo composite
How to create a composite image

Premiere Elements Tutorials 1-7